Meet KateMarie Collins

KateMarie CollinsBorn in the late 60’s, KateMarie has lived most of her life in the Pacific NW. While she’s always been creative, she didn’t turn towards writing until 2008. She found a love for the craft. With the encouragement of her husband and two daughters, she started submitting her work to publishers. When she’s not taking care of her family, KateMarie enjoys attending events for the Society for Creative Anachronism. The SCA has allowed her to combine both a creative nature and love of history. She currently resides with her family and three cats in what she likes to refer to as “Seattle Suburbia.” She’s the author of twenty books. Today, she’s promoting Guarding Charon, published by Solstice Publishing.


About the book:

2016 Preditors and Editors Reader’s Poll award recipient – Best Scifi/Fantasy Novel – 4th place.

One should always read the fine print…especially with an inheritance from a relative you didn’t know existed.

In a rut doesn’t even begin to describe Grace’s life at 22. Her ex is using his position as a cop to stalk her, getting her fired from every job she finds. Her parents, not knowing how abusive he could be, believe all her problems would vanish if she’d simply marry him.

After losing yet another job, a lawyer arrives. A relative has died and left her entire estate in Maine to Grace. Eager to shake the dust of Bruce and small town Texas off of her for good, she leaps at the chance. She even changes her name.

Then she learns that her great aunt was a Witch…and the house has some big secrets. Secrets that she has to protect for six months if she hopes to inherit the entire estate and truly be free of her past.
Guarding Charon-001

134 pages

Published June 13, 2016 by Solstice Publishing




Why did you decide to write this book?

I didn’t really sit down and think, ‘hey, this is a cool idea.’ LOL. I was working on another story and woke up with the entire first chapter for this book in my head, including dialogue. When the muse talks that loud, I listen!

What genre is your book?

Urban fantasy, with touches of romance and paranormal.

Do you consider your book character-driven or plot-driven?

I like diving into the minds of my characters, so I think it’s more character driven.

What makes your book unique?

The idea of Charon and a ferry ride to the Underworld isn’t part of Greek mythology that’s often played with in modern day novels. I think the story is unique in that, and how I connect an ancient mythology in a world that could easily be the house next door.

Do you plot ahead of time, or let the plot emerge as you write?

I usually have a start, and a good idea of the end. After that, I let the characters and plot tell me where to go. I live for the moments when I stop and think ‘what if’ and the events shift because of it.

How do you develop the names for your characters?

In this book, some names were easy. Charon, for example. LOL. The characters usually help me name them, though. I’ve started with one or two names and then changed them later because it just wasn’t right for the character.

How do you decide on the setting?

It really depends on the story. “Guarding Charon”, and the rest of the books in the series, will all be modern day. Well, at this time they are. LOL.

Do you have a writing mentor?

I did. Nick Pollotta was an author I’d admired for a few decades. He friended me on FB and taught me a lot about the business before I got my first contract. Sadly, he passed away in 2013. I saved all of our conversations and still refer to those when I need to remember that he believed in me when I was getting rejections.

What’s your writing schedule? Do you have a favorite place to write?

I have no schedule. LOL. I write when I can, when I feel the need, but it gets put off if my family needs me. Most of the time, though, I’m on my laptop out in our living room. Headphones on (if family is home), or music cranked if I’m alone.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’d like to thank anyone who takes a chance on a new author. Without the readers, we wouldn’t have a job.

Where can we find you?

Amazon Author page:

Twitter:  @DaughterHauk



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