Book reviews

Hey everyone,

I’m having so much fun reading and writing book reviews, I decided I’d collect a few of them and publish them here. So here goes:

Building Baby Brother by Steven Radecki



Building Baby Brother is a fascinating book, with themes on multiple levels, from the impacts of AI to what it means to be a parent. A dad wants to do the best for his son and uses his engineering skills to ‘create’ a baby brother. And, just like a person, baby brother grows in unexpected ways. The story is touching, funny, and wise, and will appeal to sci-fi fans, as well as to fans of family drama and YA.


The Magic of Murder by Susan Solomon

41dSeKJNurLI loved this book. It’s funny, clever, multi-layered, and rich with self-deprecating humor. The protagonist and amateur sleuth, Emlyn Goode, is a writer who has recently discovered her ancestry and family gift. As she works to master her powers, there’s a mystery to solve and a romance shimmering on the horizon. The well-planted red herrings, plot twists, and great characters kept me turning the pages. I’ll definitely read more in this series, and glad there are plenty of books to satisfy my craving for magic and murder!

Be sure to check out my interview with Susan! Click here.

Guarding Charon by KateMarie Collins

Guarding Charon-001I liked this book because it doesn’t slot neatly into a specific genre, and has elements of family drama, suspense, the occult, mythology, as well as a bit of romance. And the truly bad guy.

When Grace finds herself backed into a corner by her ex-boyfriend, in collusion with her clueless parents, she despairs. But rescue from an unexpected source takes her to a new life, complete with an immense inheritance. There’s a catch: she has to live in a spooky house and protect some serious secrets for six months. Of course, it’s confusing at first, but once embraced, it’s a dream come true, with surprises at every turn.

I love how KateMarie Collins based the story on the mythological Greek ferryman, Charon, who ferries the newly dead across the River Styx. I love how she brought this fable to modern times and created a compelling story. I’m definitely going to read the next in the series, and am hoping there will be more after that.

I interviewed Kate last week; check out the interview here.



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