Meet Jeannie Sharpe


Jeannie Sharpe has a deep love to write. Her first attempt at writing resulted in two children’s books, Once There Was An Orange Truck and Orange Truck Helps Katie the Kangaroo Find Her Friends. She has sold 8,900 copies of these titles. Her love for romance came to life when she landed a publishing contract with Solstice Publishing. Her first novel, The Baker’s Husband: A Second Chances Book, was first released by Solstice, and was re-released in June, 2018 by Foster Embry Publishing. Her second book  Her Daughter’s Preacher: A Second Chances, was also published by Foster Embry and was released on August 1.

A career in writing is a dream coming true for this mother of two, Brent, 23 and Bailey, 16. Jeannie has been married for over thirty years to Vance Sharpe. But more than her admiration for writing, her love to sing outweighs it all. She shares her talents with her husband in many venues around the United States and Canada. Be on the lookout for new books by this aspiring author.


About the book:

Corey’s life fell apart when her preacher husband turned his back on her and their family. Corey is raising the kids on her own, but she is struggling. She has no support from her family and she is estranged from the faith that was her foundation for most of her life. So, when she meets a handsome man that turns out to be her daughter’s preacher, she is determined to keep her distance.

No way, no how, will she make that mistake again.

But this preacher has his eyes on Corey and he will not give up easily. Will Corey learn to love again and possibly find her faith in the process?

Why did you decide to write this book?

I was asked by an editor friend of mine to write a romantic suspense story.

What genre is your book?

Romantic Suspense

Do you consider your book character-driven or plot-driven?

Both with about 10% more character driven.

What makes your book unique?

For one thing it doesn’t have any bad language in it and has a clean romance and it is Christian based.

Do you plot ahead of time, or let the plot emerge as you write?

I let it flow while writing.

How do you develop the names for your characters?

I try to think of different names – to try to figure out names that are usual.

How do you decide on the setting? 

I write for present time normally.

Do you have a writing mentor?

Not at the present time. I’ve gotten help from Nancy Toback in recent years.

What’s your writing schedule?

I try and write some every day, but not on a regular schedule.

Anything else you’d like to add?

I love writing and would love to make it my career.

Where can readers find you?

Facebook: https:// jeannie.sharpe

Twitter: https:// Jws415Sharpe @Jws415sharpe

Instagram: https://

Instagram: https://

Facebook: https:// Sharpe-Jewelry-739595549453517/


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