Hey everyone,

I wanted to let you know about some exciting news.

First, my story, ‘The Great Santa Cruz Treasure Hunt,’ featuring Shelby and her brother Dexter from Due Date and The Stork, is out in the new anthology Santa Cruz Weird. The book is available on Amazon, of course, but also in our local bookshop, Bookshop Santa Cruz. It’s filled with great stories, and the cover is fantastic! Here’s some more info:


If you travel anywhere in the world and are asked where you’re from, people smile when you say Santa Cruz. They know us. We are famous: land of The Lost Boys, the Mystery Spot, home to the Bigfoot Museum, and the Giant Dipper. Tourists flock to us, sometimes on their way from San Francisco or Big Sur, but more often just to experience Santa Cruz.

Our unofficial motto is “Keep Santa Cruz Weird;” we have bumper stickers proclaiming that’s our intent. Santa Cruz Weird just seemed like a good fit for our County with its long interesting history, colorful residents, sunny beaches, fog-shrouded mornings, and lush forests.

Here are short stories by Santa Cruz writers who had fun with what they wrote. Hopefully you’ll have fun reading their weird Santa Cruz stories, too. As editor of this book, I surely did.

So hop on board the literary version of our iconic Giant Dipper and prepare for an up and down ride of Santa Cruz Weird stories.

On another note, I’m a guest blogger on Lizzy Stevens’ blog today. I know Lizzy through the Solstice family. She’s a great author, and I appreciate her hosting me. Click here for the post.

I’ll be starting up my author interviews in a couple of weeks, so stayed tuned.


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