Guest interviews!

Hey everyone,

Since Due Date was re-released several weeks ago, I’ve been interviewed a couple of times. My interview just went up today over at Misterio Press. I was interviewed by  Paper Angel Press a couple of weeks ago.

Misterio Press is a “a small indie press that operates as an author cooperative. Authors are allowed to join by invitation only and the criteria for membership is that they are primarily mystery/thriller writers and that their writing is high quality” (from the website). I’ve interviewed some of the Misterio authors and have enjoyed plenty of the Misterio books. Many thanks to Kassandra Lamb for this interview.  You can check out the interview here.

Paper Angel Press, as you know, is my new publisher. I’m very pleased with them. Just yesterday, I received a lovely surprise in the  mail: two DVDs, one for Due Date and one for Treasure Hunt,  that contained all the cover images and social media images. Amazing! Click here to read my interview with J Dark. Thank you!

Happy reading!


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