BayCon recap

620856771673955012I spent last Sunday at BayCon 2019. I helped out at the Paper Angel Press table in the Dealer’s Room. I spent the day with Steven and also met author Andrea Monticue. A lot of folks wandered by the booth, curious about the books and the press. We sold a few books, met a lot of fun people, and made some great connections.

In the afternoon, I attended a session called “How to Write a Heroine,” which was billed as “tips for writing strong female protagonists in the sic fi/fantasy genre.” I knew that the amazing women on the panel — Deborah J. Ross, Marjorie Kaptanoglu, Jennifer L. Carson, and Katharine Kerr — would pass on great advice for writing heroines in any genre.

The panel was led by Marjorie Kapatanoglu, who did a great job of keeping the conversation on track. After introductions, the panelists talked about their female characters and their motivations. We heard about growth, pivotal moments, determination, self-esteem, self-confidence. Katharine Kerr said that the only difference between male and female protagonists was upper body strength! This led into a lively discussion about cultural roles and expectations.

Then, a member of the audience asked the panel members what they thought about rape and violence against women as being  a device to define a character’s trajectory. Great question. This led to a conversation on violence, gratuitous fiction, and what causes a character’s growth. I loved the depth of experience these authors brought to the discussion. Definitely worthwhile.

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