Thoughts on a new year

Hey everyone,

Well, we’re six days in to 2020 and I’m happy to greet a new decade and a new year with optimism and good cheer. I’m looking forward to 2020! 2019 was a challenging year for a variety of reasons, one of which was getting stuck on figuring out Shelby’s third and final story.  I knew where I wanted to go with it, and I knew how I wanted to start and end it, but getting from point A to point B was not always clear or straightforward.

I was able to work out some plot problems over the holidays, and feel like I can now see the full story arc and see how Shelby grows and changes in this third book. She’s a strong character, to be sure, but in this book, she matures and starts exploring her spiritual side. Thanks to staying on track with NaNoWriMo, I was able to finish a first draft of the manuscript by mid-December, and am now ready to tackle the next go-round.

I happy that my publisher, Paper Angel Press, will be starting up a virtual writers group to keep me on track. I also attend the local Shut Up & Write meetup, which is a fantastic way to stay accountable and meet some amazing people as well. I attend when I can, once or twice a week, and have made friends and been inspired.

Happy writing and reading in 2020!


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