A Few Updates

Hi everyone,

Three updates from me today! Before I start, I just want to say that I hope everyone is staying safe these days.

First, I wanted to let you know that The Stork is available as this week’s special deal in the Concellation 202 Dealers Room (https://bit.ly/2B72XLk). Get it for only 99 cents! Thank you to Steven Radecki of Paper Angel Press for setting this up.

And second, I’m in the final chapters of The Found Child. The end is in sight. I’ve received great feedback from my beta readers and am working on including their suggestions, which included a re-write of the ending. So I’m working on that. Once that’s done (today/tomorrow?!), I’ll go back through the manuscript at least a dozen times I’m sure, to catch thorny plot problems and issues. And then read and re-read for continuity and typos.

And finally, I was so thrilled to open the OverDrive app, where I now get most of my library books, and see Due Date and The Stork show up as new additions. After the Santa Cruz Women of Mystery Zoom Forward event a few weeks ago, the Santa Cruz Public Library Acquisitions Librarian contacted those of us who read to make sure she had all our books, in all available formats. So exciting! If you’re local, you can check out my books from the library. Or, you can also get them on OverDrive. Wow, made my day!


Until next time,


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