Hey everyone,

I know you all know about podcasts, but I bet you might not know about the podcasts produced by Small Publishing in a Big Universe. The focus is everything and anything writing and publishing related. It’s a fairly new effort, having started in August of 2021. The podcasts are short, clocking in at just 15 minutes each. But they’re well done and interesting.

The first two podcasts were released in August and September 2021 and feature Steven Radecki, Managing Editor of Paper Angel Press, discussing the press and its imprints. Radecki outlines everything an aspiring author might want to know about publishing, from the submission process to contracts to editing and the mechanics of getting a book from manuscript to print. And of course, he addresses everyone’s least favorite activity, marketing!

This great start to the series was followed by author interviews. In November, we heard from Morgan Chalut and in October, from author Paul S. Moore. The podcasts introduce you to their work, their inspirations and writing habits, how they got their start, and their various quirks! In December, author L.A. Jacob will be interviewed.

In the new year, the podcast will feature narrator Jenn Broda (who narrated the Shelby McDougall audio books), an interview with yours truly (sometime next spring), as well as a panel discussion with several technical writers talking about differences and similarities between technical writing and fiction writing.

You can find these podcasts here and listen to them anywhere:

Hope you enjoy!



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