Book review – Dangerous Inspiration by Greg Stone

Hey everyone,

It has been months since I’ve posted. I looked back at my previous posts and realized that I haven’t done a book review in such a long time. It’s time!

The latest book to grab my attention is a new mystery published by Paper Angel Press, called Dangerous Inspiration, written by Greg Stone.

It’s definitely a fun, engaging book, and I highly recommend it. All formats are available on the Paper Angel Press website.

Here’s my review:

What a fun book! A ‘whodunnit’ with layers of clues, red herrings, engaging characters, dead bodies, and of course, romance. The story takes place at an elite  isolated artists’ colony in Vermont’s Northern Kingdom during a days-long pounding rainstorm that knocks out all communication with the outside world. Eccentric philanthropist, Olivier Lanier, enjoys setting up these retreats and manipulating the roster of talent in order to see sparks fly.

The main character, Ronan Mezini, ex-cop turned private investigator, lately turned aspiring novelist, signs on to work on his fiction. He’s also a synesthete, adding an unusual dimension to his writing and crime-solving skills. Others at the retreat include a painter, crime scene photographer, screenwriter, ballerina, poet, and sculptor, as well as Olivier’s nephews who run the kitchen. Every single person has something dubious in their past that they’d like to hide. But enough to kill for?

Within hours, the first body turns up. From then on, suspicion mounts as more bodies are discovered. Ronan takes on the investigation, and everyone becomes a suspect. And just when you think you’ve figured it out, more murders occur.

This twisty mystery has it all – superb prose, intriguing characters, a bewitching setting, carefully placed clues and misdirections, and a completely unexpected ending. Prepare yourself with plenty of snacks – you’ll want to read it from beginning to end without stopping!

That’s it for now!

Until next time,



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