“Technical Fiction” Panel Discussion

Hey everyone,

I’m back! My plans for blogging far exceed my actual blogging:) I try to write two posts a month, but…I haven’t been so disciplined lately. My last post was four months ago!

About two months ago now, Small Publishing in a Big Universe published a podcast I participated in, a panel discussion on “Technical Fiction”.

I was one of four panelists, all of us former or current technical writers. Other panelists were Steven D. Brewer, Vanessa MacLaren-Wray, and Steven Radecki. We had a lively discussion on the challenges and strategies of transitioning from technical writing to fiction writing.

The podcast is about 25 minutes long. Not surprisingly, many technical writers aspire to write fiction. We talked about how we came to fiction writing and how were able to strike a balance between the technical and fiction side of things. Interestingly, we all agreed that technical writing immensely helped our careers as fiction writers.

I’m retired now, but remember well the daily challenge of turning my mind from fiction to technical, technical to fiction. It wasn’t always easy. During the work week, I’d get up early and try to squeeze in some fiction before heading to work, where the office atmosphere made it easy to sink into documenting programming languages, debuggers, or B-2-B interfaces. Yikes! I can barely remember it all now! Interestingly, I have been in a fiction slump (though I have been working on a story recently), and somedays wonder if it’s because I don’t have the pressures of limited time at my back. Have to think about that one.

So check out the podcast when you have a few minutes to spare.

In my next post, I’ll be reviewing the latest addition to the Truck Stop collection, a story by Vanessa MacLaren-Wray called The Smugglers.

Until next time,