The Stork is available!

Hey everyone,

I’m happy to say that The Stork, book 2 in the Shelby McDougall mystery series, is now officially available from Paper Angel Press. I’m very happy with this edition of the book, and so excited to see it in print.

My books arrived last week, and in all the excitement, I forgot to post a few photos of unpacking the boxes, so here you go:


IMG_20190824_150632805 (1)

There is something incredibly satisfying about opening a box and seeing a pile of books with my name on it. All those hours at the computer finally coalesced into a story. Wow. It’s surprising and humbling.

I am so grateful to Paper Angel Press for picking up the series and doing such an amazing job on all fronts: editing, cover design, book design, book promotion. I’m so pleased.

If you want to learn more about the book, check it out on the Paper Angel Press website. You can download a sample there, as well as download my free short story, Treasure Hunt, that features Shelby and her brother, Dexter.

Here’s the book blurb:

Shelby McDougall’s past is behind her. Almost.

It’s been five and a half years since Shelby put her infant twins up for adoption, and she’s finally on track. Back in Santa Cruz, California, she’s sharing an apartment with her brother, Dexter, and in her second year of criminal justice studies. She’s landed her dream job as an intern to local P.I. Kathleen Bennett. And her stone-cold love life is heating up.

Then a late-night phone call puts Shelby’s perfectly ordered life into a tailspin.

One of the twins has been kidnapped, snatched from home in the middle of the night. There are no witnesses — no clues, no trails to follow. After meeting the family, Shelby knows something is off. The adoptive parents tell her the children don’t sleep, they eat constantly, and their IQs are off the charts. Against her better judgment, Shelby agrees to help.

By the time she realizes she’s up against something powerful, something evil, it’s almost too late. As Shelby fights for her life, and that of the kidnapped child, she discovers shocking truths about herself and the children.